• Tomato Chutney BLT

    Tomato Chutney BLT

    Everyone loves a good old fashioned BLT. We've took this traditional favorite and spiced it up with our own recipes for Italian Tomato Chutney and Alessi's Aioli!

  • Walnut Risotto with Sage

    Walnut Risotto with Sage

    This risotto is the perfect dish to welcome the cooler weather of fall. Boasting the flavors and colors of fall, the risotto features the flavor of walnuts and sage.

  • Cocoa Espresso Mousse

    Cocoa Espresso Mousse

    A delicate chocolate mousse with a hint of coffee to complement Alessi’s different Italian cookies. Whether you use Alessi Lady Fingers, Crispy Almond Cookies or Glazed Puff Pastries, you are in for a treat!

  • Pumpkin Cannoli

    Pumpkin Cannoli

    If you love cannolis, you are bound to enjoy this autumn-inspired favorite dessert! Perfectly flavored with pumpkin and a hint of cinnamon.


Bacon Risotto with Truffle Oil

This risotto celebrates the famous truffle season by showcasing its flavors in a delicious traditional risotto.

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Toasted Panettone Sundae

This simple dessert will please even the sweetest sweet tooth!

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Alessi Thanksgiving Sides

We collected all our favorite Thanksgiving side dish recipes for you to use in your own home. Have a happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Alessi.

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Recipe Ideas for Alessi Gnocchi

Alessi Gnocchi is not only a delicious traditional Italian cuisine, but it also easy and very quick to prepare.

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