Channel Control


Vigo Importing Company (“Vigo”) is committed to the highest level of customer service and product satisfaction and is hereby implementing an E-Commerce Distribution Channel Policy (the “Policy”). This Policy applies to all products under Vigo’s registered trademarked brands “Vigo” and “Alessi” (the “Products”).

Vigo is closely monitoring its Products' resale on third-party e-commerce marketplaces. Effective August 1, 2024 (the “Effective Date”) Vigo will prohibit any such resale that does not adequately represent the established quality standards of its Products and has not been approved in advance by Vigo.

Vigo hereby requires all third-party e-commerce resellers (“Resellers”) to obtain express written consent from Vigo prior to listing for resale or offering for resale any Products on third-party e-commerce marketplaces.

Vigo will permit a sell-through period up until to the Effective Date to allow Resellers to deplete their Product inventory.  All Distributors and Wholesalers of Vigo Products should inform their customer Resellers of this Policy to ensure an adequate sell-through period before the Effective Date.

Resellers who have not obtained prior written consent from Vigo, or are otherwise in violation of this Policy, will be subjected to having their Product listing removed via the relevant brand protection program.

April 2024