The Alessi Way

spread of delicious food


Authenticity is all in the details. At Alessi we believe in the power of high quality ingredients and rich flavors that aren’t complicated by fillers, unnecessary additives, and synthetic dyes. Just fresh, clean ingredients. We stay true to tradition in all of our products, so they maintain their pure, authentic flavor. That’s the Alessi Way.

Here are just a few of the differences that make our products so desirable. To discover more, visit our online store.


The Alessi Way: Balsamic Reductions

Give your dish a dramatic finish.


The Alessi Way: Pasta

Traditionally made to taste great.


The Alessi Way: Pasta Sauce

No preservatives, no added sugar.


The Alessi Way: Balsamic Vinegar

It always ages gracefully.


The Alessi Way: Soups

Home cooked taste. In half the time.


The Alessi Way: Pesto

Pine nut perfection.