Culinary contest offers scholarships - blog

Alessi is pleased to announce a new program we have started with culinary schools nationwide. This program includes a contest called The Alessi is Amore Pursuit of the Palate. It invites students at participating schools to enter a cooking contest. Students wishing to participate must develop a recipe using certain Alessi products. The winning recipe from each school will be rewarded with a trip to the Vigo Kitchen and a $2500 scholarship. Second place with receive a $1000 scholarship.

The participating schools are Lexington College, in Chicago, IL., Johnson Wales, in North Miami, FL., and Le Cordon Bleu in Boston, MA. The contest is tailored to each school, but the basics are the same. All of the students are given a list of Alessi products they must use in their recipes. Each student is required to come up with a recipe for an appetizer and a recipe for an entree.

All of the recipes must take under 30 minutes for preparation time and be easy to replicate. Chefs will be judging the entries on the basis of proper use of Alessi products, time, taste, appearance and easiness to replicate.

Each school’s contest will be running at different times, so keep your eyes out for the winners! They will come to the Cucina de Alessi in Tampa, Fla., and teach you how to make their recipes. Videos of their lessons will be posted right here on our website, so stay tuned for more on this exciting project.

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