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I’ve been married to Brad for nearly 12 years. We fell hard and fast for one another during my senior year of college and somehow, I never worried whether or not we would make it. Still, after all this time, I don’t doubt that I get to spend my life with him. He makes me laugh, holds me when I need to cry, and makes me feel like the best thing since sliced bread. It is not lost on me that marriage takes work. Every day we have to put effort into our relationship in small and big ways, but that feeling that the love you feel is 100% reciprocated is amazing.

I’ve gotten into the habit of finding meals that feel fancy but use ingredients I can keep around for impromptu evenings when we have the time and energy to stay up after the kids go to bed for a little romantic dinner and an episode (or 2) of Game of Thrones. Yep, we are super exciting. We may not always have the room in our budget or our schedule to go out for a nice meal, but honestly, I love making delicious food at home just as much as going to a restaurant.

Plus, if we stay in, we can afford a nice bottle of wine to go along with our meal, which makes date night feel extra special.

This gnocchi with red pepper and sun-dried tomato pesto is my new favorite for date night in. It is full of flavor, made with quality Italian ingredients that are easy to keep on hand in the pantry, and helloooooo is it pretty or what? I love to order the ingredients for this dish online and can typically snag enough to keep on hand for 3 date nights totaling just under $50. That’s about $16/date night! Plus, orders over $20 ship free so now you have no excuses. Not into ordering? Alessi products are found at most grocery stores. Cheers to that!

View the recipe here

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