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There are a lot of days that my dinners are grab and go and definitely low on vegetables. To make up for this, I try to get lots of vegetables in for lunch or other meals. Right now, I am totally in love with taking grilled chicken with a side of Dijon vegetable and lentil salad for lunch.

This salad is packed with delicious vegetables like Brussels sprouts, butternut squash, potatoes and radishes. They are all tossed, along with lentils, in a delicious Dijon mustard vinaigrette and then drizzled with Alessi Dijon Balsamic Reduction. Alessi reductions don’t have any added thickeners or fillers so they are so flavorful.

There are many different flavors and varieties of vinegar reductions.  They range from a standard Balsamic Vinegar Reduction to a Raspberry Infused White Balsamic Reduction. Reductions are great on cheese plates, salads, marinades, over roasted meats, fresh fruit and vegetables…the possibilities are practically endless. You can visit Alessi’s website to find out where to purchase their balsamic reductions and to browse all the different flavors they offer.

View the recipe here

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