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Tis the season for soup.

This is an easy soup that’s ready in 30 minutes, hearty, packed with flavor, and has so many healthy vegetables that add great texture.

Rather than using noodles I used Alessi Organic Pearled Farro, Butternut Squash and Kale variety. Never heard of it? It’s an ancient grain with nutty flavor, chewy texture, and is similar in taste to brown rice. Farro can be used in soups, stews, or casseroles, or enjoyed as a cold salad. It can be used in both health food and comfort food recipes.

Farro rivals quinoa in terms of nutritional content, with high levels of fiber, protein, and iron. It serves as a rich source of vitamins and minerals making it a great post-workout recovery meal. Plain farro dishes are considerable for low carb and low sugar diets or as substitutes for pasta or brown rice dishes.

To save time with the soup, I used rotisserie chicken that I quickly shredded but you cook and shred your own chicken or use some that you have leftover.

Turkey would be great too. Hello Thanksgiving leftovers.


I used low-sodium chicken broth. Make sure to salt your soup to taste since all rotisserie chickens, chicken broth, and personal preferences for salt vary.



View the recipe here

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