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When it comes to creating meals that my guys adore, classic Italian meals with a twist are always sure to satisfy.  In fact, I’ve got an entire rolodex of tried and true Italian recipes that I love to create.  However, when it comes to making the perfect meal, for me two factors are key….how easy the recipe is to create and how much flavor I can pack into a fairly simple dish.  While my Grilled Chicken Parmesan may be an easy new take on a meal we’ve been eating for years, it’s the flavors that are baked into every bite which make it a true family favorite.

Now, I know most people think you can’t mess up Chicken Parmesan.  But oh, how wrong they are!  You see, it’s the combination of perfectly cooked pasta, tender chicken and authentic Italian spices that make this dish absolute perfection.  And I’ve discovered that the only way to truly turn this dish into an authentic Italian meal that my boys all love is by using Alessi Foods in the recipe.  Created by the Alessi family who are from Sicily, Italy, these products boast high quality ingredients that are inspired by their family’s Sicilian recipes.  And knowing that each product is created with pride by a family owned and operated company, I can trust that I’m serving only the best Grilled Chicken Parmesan to my family.

I have to say, this is one of the easiest dishes to make and it’s always a huge hit with whoever I’m feeding!  To start, I rubbed my chicken breasts in Alessi Extra Virgin Olive Oil and then sprinkled on freshly ground sea salt and black peppercorns.

While my chicken was soaking in the oil, I boiled my water and cooked my Alessi Organic Casarecci Pasta according to the directions on the bag. I  loved knowing that the meal I was preparing boasted organic products of the highest quality!

With my pasta boiling, I sent the hubs out to the grill with my chicken.  While Chicken Parmesan traditionally features breaded chicken, I love the way grilled chicken tastes and it helps me to lighten up the recipe as well.  After cooking the chicken breasts for about five minutes on each side until they were no longer pink in the middle, he removed them from the grill and I sliced them into strips, keeping the shape of the breast.

By this point, my pasta was almost cooked so I quickly heated my Alessi All Natural Sauce.

After heating it for a few minutes, I drained my pasta and mixed in three fourths of my sauce with my cooked pasta, reserving the remainder of the sauce for the top of my chicken.  After transferring my sauce covered pasta to a baking dish, I was ready to finish assembling my meal.

I was already loving the way that the Casarecci Pasta looked and tasted and I wanted to keep my dish looking beautiful so I placed my sliced chicken breasts on top of the pasta and then spooned the remainder of my All Natural Sauce over the top.

After sprinkling on some fresh mozzarella, I popped my Grilled Chicken Parmesan into the oven on broil for about three minutes, just long enough to melt the cheese and brown it on the top.  And just like that, my delicious dish was ready.

But, as any Italian food lover knows, man cannot live on Grilled Chicken Parmesan alone.  So with my main dish complete, I quickly cooked a package of Alessi Gnocchi and tossed it in two teaspoons of Alessi Pesto Sauce.  Then I sprinkled the top with Alessi Pine Nuts for a finishing touch.


Finally I sliced some fresh bread and added some of my Alessi Extra Virgin Olive Oil to a small dish.

After pouring in two teaspoons of Alessi Balsamic Vinegar and a generous helping of Alessi Dipping Herbs, I had a complete meal that everyone in my family was sure to love.


I have to say, I adored how simple this meal was to make.  From start to finish, all the hard work was done for me by the flavorful Alessi products that I used for every step of my meal creation.

And by using the high quality Alessi ingredients, I was able to truly impress my family with Italian fare that tasted like it came right out of a Sicilian kitchen!


Going forward, my Italian meals are sure to start with the amazing quality of Alessi products.  Available at local stores and online, their ingredients prove that creating classic fare with my own twist can be both easy and delicious.

To find out more about Alessi Foods and the amazing Italian ingredients that they boast in every bite, be sure to check them out on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.  Then pick up your favorite ingredients today, pair them with fresh meats and veggies and discover for yourself that classic Italian meals are easier to prepare than you ever imagined!

What’s your favorite Italian dish?

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