Alessi is pleased to introduce our newest product, panettone, just in time for the holidays! Panetonne is an Italian dessert very similar to American fruit cake. It’s a fluffy cake made from a sweet bread and is filled with candied fruits and raisins.

Panettone is a customary Italian dessert born in Milan, Italy. There are many legends in regards to the origin of the panettone, but all of them agree that this delicious holiday treat came about here some time during the Middle Ages.

Often served at Christmas and New Year’s Eve, panettone is considered a special delicacy only available during the holiday season.

Our Alessi Panettone is imported directly from Italy, making it authentic and delicious. This sweet bread is served best with sweet, hot drinks or sweet wines. You can eat our panettone by the slice alongside your coffee in the morning or your afternoon espresso, but there are also many creative dishes to fix with panettone. Panettone French Toast and Panettone Bread Pudding are just two of the many ideas. Keep an eye on the recipe section of our site for more great panettone recipes!

Once you try Alessi Panettone, it’s sure to become a holiday tradition in your house too!

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