Welcome to La Cucina Alessi - blog

Welcome to a look at our brand new onsite corporate kitchen, La Cucina Alessi. Let’s look around.

A new entrance, complete with authentic olive trees, greets you as you walk up. Inside, the kitchen is stocked with all new state of the art appliances. The kitchen has a modern feel but highlights Tampa’s history.

In addition to the remodeling, a new video system has been installed to capture moments in the kitchen. The cameras are set up to tape up close shots of chefs dicing, mixing and cooking. A mirror set on the ceiling shows in-house spectators the chef’s handiwork on the counter. A monitor and speakers projecting throughout the neighboring conference room help guest feel like they are in the kitchen.

We took on the project of remodeling our corporate kitchen in November 2012 with dreams of starting new programs. We have since partnered with culinary institutes nationwide in our Alessi is Amore Pursuit of the Palate cooking competition. Winners from each school are brought to our kitchen to do demos of their winning recipe. We also hope to hold pop up restaurants, cooking classes and other special event in our kitchen. So even though La Cucina Alessi is a private location, keep your eyes open for special invitations to join us in our kitchen!

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