Many people are aware that olive oil is a healthier alternative to other oils, but few people know why. Some people even swear that drinking two tablespoons each day can improve your health and well-being.

Historically, olive oil has been sacred. It is known to have been used in medicines and ointments for as long as we know.

In ancient Greece, they called it liquid gold. The ancient Olympic athletes rubbed olive oil on their bodies. They believed that the oil gave them strength and youth.

When cooking, you can use olive oil to replace the butter in many recipes. Olive oil has many benefits that butter does not. Scientifically, olive oil contains mono-saturated fatty acids. These are healthy dietary fat. Not only do these lower the risk of heart disease, (by lowering bad cholesterol and raising good cholesterol) but also helping to control insulin levels and blood sugar.

Some studies show that olive oil helps reduce the risk of cancer also. It has polyphenols in it, which lower inflammation- which in turn lessens the risk of cancer. It also has oleic acid. Oleic acid sometimes reduces the effects of genes that can turn host cells into cancer cells.

Other uses include a wide variety of purposes. Cosmetically, olive oil can also double as body oil and hand lotion. It removes make up or works as shaving cream. As a lip balm, a coat of olive oil helps chapped lips. When filling your bath, add a few drops of olive oil to make your skin soft and smooth. Combing a drop through your hair will smooth hair frizz and rubbing some on your nails will give them a polished look. Medically, swallowing a tablespoon olive oil will soothe a scratchy throat.

On a different page, polishing stainless steel pots and pans with olive oil will make them shine and prevent future streaking and tarnishing.

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