Alessi’s line of six unique pasta sauces is made with authentic, all natural, fresh ingredients. Each sauce has its own character and flavor, but all of the sauces have some important basics in common. All the Alessi pasta sauces are made with Alessi Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Italian pear-shaped tomatoes and Alessi sea salt.

The smooth and chunky marinara sauces each begin with the sautéed onions and garlic mixed with fresh pear-shaped tomatoes. They are seasoned with sea salt and a basil leaf is added to each jar by hand. The smooth marinara sauce is perfect for homemade pizza, lasagna or pasta sauce dip with parmesan crisp. The chunky sauce is geared for Ragu Bolognese and pasta with artichokes.

Alessi Princess Sauce is similar to the smooth marinara, but with a twist. Heavy cream is added to the sauce, giving it a creamier texture. Use Princess Sauce in our recipe for tomato butter.

Next up is the Fra Diavolo sauce. In addition to the fresh tomatoes, garlic, onion and extra virgin olive oil, hot chili peppers are also added. This gives the sauce more of a kick, making it perfect for seafood. A great meal idea for this sauce is Cioppino.

Alessi Alla Norma Sauce is very unique. It’s started out as a sofritto, and then pear-shaped tomatoes and basil leaves are then added. The secret ingredient in Alla Norma is the eggplant, giving it a unique flavor. This sauce is perfect for eggplant and basil pizza.

Puttanesca is one of the more complex Alessi sauces. Anchovies, black olives and capers are added to the sauce to give it a completely different taste. The aroma of this sauce while it’s cooking is pungent, unique and appetizing.

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