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Pan Fried Gnocchi with Spinach and Parmesan is an easy recipe using fresh ingredients to maximize flavor. It makes an impressive meatless meal that whips up in no time, or pair with your favorite protein for a hearty side dish.

Pan frying gnocchi is probably my favorite way to enjoy it. I love the crispy, golden outside, while still having a soft and pillowy inside. Combined with a buttery white wine sauce, fresh spinach, and Parmesan cheese, this is an easy dinner recipe I can have on the table in 20 minutes y'all!! I'm not kidding! This is a go to recipe on busy nights. It's quick and easy without sacrificing flavor. I like that!! I was inspired to use the spinach and Parmesan flavor combo by my very popular Orzo Pasta with Spinach and Parmesan recipe. You'll definitely want to give it a try too!

Packaged gnocchi has come a long way, so I don't really feel the need to make it homemade. I really love the ease of just purchasing the package, and the spinach and potato gnocchi by Alessi is one of my faves!

It is believed that gnocchi was the first type of pasta to be eaten by Italians. Theory has it that bits of dough made of flour and water were pinched off and shaped with the tines of a fork and then dropped into boiling water. These small dumplings cooked quickly and their texture allowed sauces to readily adhere.

Thankfully, Alessi Gnocchi is readily available in grocery stores and easy to make. I like to first boil it quickly and then pan fry it for a crispy outside and toss it with a white wine sauce. It makes for an easy and impressive meal any night of the week!

View the recipe here

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