Alessi Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Alessi cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil reflects the union of earth’s finest elements: fertile soil, gentle rain and a sunny climate. Our olive oil is obtained from pressing olives so they release their juice. It’s considered virgin because no chemicals or heat is used in the extraction of oil. Extra Virgin olive oil is also highest quality because it is the least acidic and has the fruitiest flavor. It takes 11 pounds of olives to produce just one quart (32 oz.) of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a lot of health benefits also. While it is dense in calories, it doesn’t have any negative health effects. But it is full of antioxidants and free of cholesterol, sodium and carbohydrates.

Olive oil loans itself well to many recipes and cooking needs. It is perfect to drizzle over soup, salads or vegetables. It can also be added to pasta while it’s cooking to prevent sticking. In addition to cooking, olive oil also has other uses including beauty treatments, healing remedies, make up removal and improving skin health.


Alessi Dipping Spices

Alessi Dipping Spices is a delicious blend of sea salt, garlic and other spices. The recipe is carefully formulated to bring you the best balance of flavors. As a result, this seasoning is the perfect complement to a loaf of Italian bread.



While Alessi Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Alessi Dipping Spices both have their individual uses, they are even better when used together. For a delicious appetizer, add a few grinds of Dipping Spices to a little bit of olive oil. You can dip pieces of crusty bread into the dip and enjoy!

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