Product Suggestion: Alessi Olive Pates - blog

Alessi has a variety of pates that are perfects for spreading on bread, among many other uses. Alessi Alessi olive pates come in green olive as well as black olive. They are both made with delicious pureed olives and extra virgin olive oil, creating a unique condiment. This combination of fresh ingredients compliments the most dishes perfectly. To some, what to do with these products might seem unclear. But they have plenty of delicious uses! These spreads and pates can be used in recipes for things such as dips, appetizers, salad dressings, pasta or rice dishes or pizza. But the perfect solution for a quick and healthy snack is the pairing of the spreads with crusty bread or Alessi Crispy Toasts. Simply spread the pate on a piece of bread or Alessi toast and enjoy! You won’t want just one.

Keep an eye on our recipe section for other great uses of both Alessi Olive Pates!

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