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You may remember that we’re huge fans of Italy: both the place and the cuisine. We spent our honeymoon in Rome and the Amalfi Coast, then returned 7 years later to repeat the trip (see our photos here and here). The food is unbeatable, and much of our recipe inspiration comes from Italian flavors and approach.

Balsamic reductions are typical in Italy. If you’ve ever tasted one, you’ll know eye-popping taste: sweet on the front end, tart on the backend, and complex with both fruity and dark notes. It’s syrupy drizzle that’s created by boiling down vinegar until it becomes sweet and thick. Balsamic reductions can be used on literally anything: salads, roasted meats, fresh fruit, desserts, and cheese plates. The Alessi Foods line, descended from a Sicilian family business started in the 1900’s, has a new line of reductions made with only a handful of ingredients and without artificial thickeners. Alessi sent this white balsamic reduction and challenged us to be creative with our use of it.

We came up with this: crispy and salty roasted smashed potatoes, paired with the fruity, nuanced sweet drizzle and the green bite of chives. It’s not only visually stunning but seriously tasty — we could not stop eating these! (We may have eaten the whole pan ourselves for lunch.) I imagine it on the table for a Sunday night dinner with friends, an Easter brunch or Easter dinner, or to accompany a summer meal on the grill. Or, you could try it with baby potatoes as an elegant appetizer.

These reductions are so versatile, snagging a bottle is absolutely worth it. You can purchase them at your local grocery stores, or order online here. Buon appetito!

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Vegetarian, gluten-free, vegan, plant-based, and dairy-free.

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