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This elegant looking Tapenade Tarte Soleil with Pine Nut Marscapone recipe can actually be whipped up in under an hour and is sure to be a crowd-pleaser at your holiday feast or cocktail party!


A Tarte Soleil what with a helping of Marscapone who? Yeah – that is what your guests are going to say when you whip out this gorgeously delicious appetizer and they stare back in amazement at how sophisticated you have become. This sun-shaped puff pastry star may look super complicated but it can actually be made in under an hour and can even be prepared a few hours ahead of time so you aren’t scrambling the last few minutes before people arrive.


The puff pastry is filled with a sun-dried tomato tapenade and then cut into sections that are twisted before baking. This makes it the perfect entertaining food because your guest can just pull off pieces to dip into the marscapone without having to use any utensils. The subtly savory marscapone dip is so rich that it almost taste like a savory whipped cream with a crunchy toasted pine nut topping.

I’m sure you’ve heard of capers but caper berries may be a new concept for you. Caper berries are the green, oval-shaped, seed-filled fruit left after the the caper bud blossoms. Alessi’s caper berries are packaged in white balsamic for an intense and briney ingredient that compliments the sun dried tomatoes perfectly. You should be able to find them next to the capers in most grocery stores.

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