Pantry items have been flying off the shelves to meet the world’s demand for non-perishable items in this time of uncertainty, and Vigo and Alessi products are no different.

Vigo Importing Company, an active member of the Tampa community since its founding in 1947, has been ramping up production in order to meet the community’s needs. 

The company has been working overtime— staying open on Saturdays— to ensure that customers can still find products in stores (like Publix, Kroger, Sprouts and Walmart) at a time where many shelves are empty.

On top of meeting consumer needs, Vigo and the Alessi family have been taking extra precautions to make sure that both their products and employees remain safe. While the company already meets the highest level of health and safety measures, they have also: 

  • Implemented a temporary work-from-home policy for employees able to do so and suspended visitation to facilities  
  • Added additional break areas and times to allow staff space to practice social distancing    
  • Conducted training with all production personnel for best practices on proper hygiene, sanitation practices and social distancing and provided additional personal protective equipment (gloves, face masks, smocks) as well as additional hand sanitizer  
  • Added a full-time sanitation team to clean and sanitize “key contact” areas, both within the office and the production facility/warehouse, multiple times per day, and placed additional hand sanitizer stations 
  • Advanced and increased orders of raw materials and ingredients to prevent shortages and worked overtime (including weekends) to keep up with increased product demand

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