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Now that the rain has stopped and the sun is shining again, I've got spring on my mind. I went out on a run on Sunday and the hills were green and speckled with wildflowers. Alessi sent me a lovely box of goodies and I had so much fun playing with them. You may know Alessi from their line of delicious Italian products like olive oil. They also make flavorful balsamic reductions in a variety of flavors. The reductions are so versatile they can be used on any food, from cheese plates, to marinades, to salads, and even pancakes. One of the balsamic reductions Alessi sent me was the Raspberry Infused White Balsamic Reduction. I instantly knew I wanted to try it with fruit. I put together this balsamic fruit crostini tray as a beautiful snack or dessert idea for all your spring get-togethers. Wouldn't this be perfect for Easter and Mother's Day?! Be sure to save it to your Pinterest boards so you don't forget.

Strawberries and balsamic are a classic Italian combination. It makes an easy dessert on its own or over cake or ice cream. The tangy sweetness of the raspberry balsamic reduction is the perfect complement to fresh fruit. The day after I served my fruit crostini platter I had leftover berries, so I turned them into an avocado, berry, basil salad dressed with the raspberry balsamic reduction. This salad is bright and fresh, but with creamy richness from the avocado, earthiness from the basil, and sweetness from the balsamic reduction. I can tell this salad will be a regular this spring and summer. 

I had so much fun arranging the fruit on the tray to serve DIY style. I tucked some non-dairy cashew based chèvre cheese and the Alessi white balsamic reduction onto the tray and served sliced, toasted baguette on the side. Friends can make their own crostini or enjoy the fruit and a drizzle of the balsamic without the bread. My favorite combinations are shown above. I just might start eating the avocado, strawberry, and basil version for lunch daily.

Alessi's balsamic reductions can give simple, everyday foods an easy pop of flavor.  This DIY balsamic fruit crostini platter is so simple, but incredibly flavorful. It's a refreshing change from cheese or crudite platters. Alessi's balsamic reductions can give simple, everyday foods an easy pop of flavor.

View the recipe here

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