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Balsamic Vinegar is an Italian condiment that has been made in Modena and Reggio Emilia since at least 1046. It is made from the pressings of white Trebbiano grapes that were never allowed to ferment into wine. The concentrated juice of these grapes is then cooked down to what we know as Balsamic Vinegar.

Not only Alessi does offer regular Balsamic Vinegar, but we also offer the rare White Balsamic Vinegar. The dark red color of traditional Balsamic Vinegar has a tendency to overtake and dominate more delicate dishes. So Alessi came up with the idea of White Balsamic Vinegar. It is not cooked as long so that it doesn’t get as dark as the traditional. Each variety has its own characteristics that complement different dishes. White Balsamic still had all the unique nuances and complexities of the traditional Balsamic Vinegar, but it has a lighter color so it does not overpower the dishes. Alessi even owns the patent for White Balsamic Vinegar!

Both balsamic vinegars retain similar health benefits to those of grapes. These include being high in antioxidants, potassium and calcium while also being fat free. Balsamic vinegar are also said to help fight heart diseases and osteoporosis. It also improves insulin sensitivity and helps fight diabetes.

White Balsamic Vinegar has a velvety tartness but a clean and light appearance. The taste is milder and less sweet than traditional Balsamic Vinegar. It is perfect for use in salads and white sauces and on vegetables, fish and fries. But remember, a little balsamic vinegar goes a long way!

Check out our other varieties of balsamic vinegar at your local grocery store: Fig, Raspberry, Pear and Orange Blossom.

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