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Celebrate winter’s best citrus before it goes out of season with this winter citrus and avocado salad! It combines sweet-tart grapefruit, blood oranges, and tangerines with decadent burrata and a dazzling Alessi balsamic reduction drizzle.

It feels too early for salad season, especially with a foot of snow on the ground, but what if I told you that this “salad” was really just an excuse to drown your winter blues in burrata and balsamic reduction???

I knew you’d be with me on this.

Of course, the gem-toned rainbow of winter citrus fruit doesn’t hurt either.

It’s like candy for your eyes and for your taste buds.

At first glance, this salad almost certainly appears to be a motley crew of forgotten refrigerator odds and ends, but I promise, promise that they were all entirely intentional and perfectly paired to make for a flavor explosion in every bite.

You see, I felt bad that I’d all but forgotten citrus season this year and as I was paging through my cookbooks trying to find some way to make up for this food blogging faux pas, I kept seeing recipes for grapefruit and avocado salads at every turn. Something about the flavor combination kept nagging at me to try it, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to get a grapefruit-dominant salad past my bitter-averse husband.

Solution: hide the grapefruit slices underneath utterly vibrant blood orange and tangerines, lure him in with the promise of a burrata mouthful and sweeten the deal (literally!) with a balsamic reduction drizzle.

Not only did this work, but you guys. I think I have a pink grapefruit lover on my hands. Or at least not a pink grapefruit hater? Whatever, I’ll take it.

I should also mention that the balsamic reduction I used was one of Alessi’s brilliant CHOCOLATE flavored balsamic reductions.

Yes, CHOCOLATE. In my salad. No biggie.

The chocolate flavor is there, but subtle, and it really helps to make the citrus sing while cutting some of the richness of the burrata and avocado.

Unclear whether I’ll be able to eat salad any other way ever again.

I’m also imagining it drizzled over a bowl of vanilla ice cream or panna cotta as they do in Italy. And from there the possibilities are just endless.

Sweet, savory…I’ll take it on all the things, thank you very much.

Alessi has a wide range of flavored balsamic reductions, each more deliciously alluring than the next!

View the recipe here

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